BC Framer General Release-May, 4th 2020

Release Date: May 4th, 2020

Supported Upgrade-able version: 8.2.1

Release Highlights

Display Current Level 📺
PDF – Multi-crop 📺
Group Label – Spacing 📺
Fascia Accumulation by Length 📺
Bug Fixes

Notable Improvements

Display Current Level

  • Display Current Level indicator that displays the currently active level in the top left corner of the Plan View window.
  • Easily switch to the level above or below with a single click.

PDF – Crop Multiple Areas

  • The PDF Multi-crop in BC Framer® allows designers to crop multiple areas of a PDF, saving time on import and image placement.
  • Add cropped area to utilize multiple areas of one PDF independently.
  • Multi-crop can be performed during or after PDF import.

Group Label – Spacing Setting

  • New Group Label Spacing Setting will give the designer additional default control over when group labels are applied, based on the maximum distance apart.

Fascia Accumulation by Length

  • Starting in version 8.4.0 fascia labeling follows the same pattern as rim board to consolidate labels. Accumulate by Total Length or Shipping Length, and the labeling consolidation ignores individual lengths, resulting in one label per material. If labeling accumulation is set to By Piece, it includes the length when determining labels.

Bug Fixes

Header Label Consolidation

  • Wall opening headers now follow the consolidation template set in Job Properties > Job Settings > Labels > Labels: Wall / Header

Structural Fascia Missing from Material List

  • Structural Fascia will now be shown in the Output material report (Ex. Material - FIF)

Container Depth Edit Crash

  • Floor Container, Floor Member Depth may again be modified in Job Properties as expected without program crash.

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