BC Connect® General Release Notes - May 2020


Inventory Management

New Manage Inventory page 📺

  • Users will now be directed to a new Manage Inventory landing page.
  • Users will be able to start selecting a product immediately to update inventory quantities without needing to navigate to a new page.

Operations Enhancements

Offcut Max Waste 📺

  • Feature providing greater control over length of offcuts that are created as part of the optimization.

Search enhancement

  • Ability to clear the search text and have selection tree auto-collapse.

New Navigation from the Optimized Solution back to the Batch Details page.

Un-Accept Batch

  • Ability to undo the inventory transaction so that a batch can be edited and re-optimized.
    • Only allowed when batch is in the “Released for Processing” status.

Project Management (Project Dashboard)

Loading spinner when projects are being called from the database

“Load More Projects” Button

  • By default, the first 100 projects are loaded.
  • If a user needs to scroll down past this initial 100, they will need to click the button to load the rest of the projects.
  • Also, clicking the Filter icon will start the process to load the rest of the projects.

Performance Enhancements

  • Query change for how projects are loaded to the Project Dashboard, to reduce the load on the database.
  • Design Service Ticket Dashboard will load the Top Nav, to support user navigation to other Design pages, before the DST information is loaded.
  • Operations Service Ticket Dashboard will load the Top Nav, to support user navigation to other Operations pages, before the OST information is loaded.


Design Enhancement

Allow Duplicate Marks

  • Material list import properly identifies differing products that share the same mark/label. 
  • Duplicate marks are highlighted but are now allowed in a material list.

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