BC Connect┬« Manage Inventory Page ­čô║


What is changing?

  • Reduction in the number of pages needed to manage inventory information for a location. The previous five pages are now combined into a single page and view.
    • SKU
    • Inventory quantities
    • Stocking notation
    • Blocking Panel management

Why is this changing?

  • Reduce the amount of clicking and navigation that is needed to get to the Inventory Quantities page.
  • Improve the ability to update On Hand quantities.
  • Improve the ability to verify product information (SKU, Min. Offcut, Max Waste).
  • Product Management dropdown, by default, only lists stocked products for a cleaner/shorter selection list.
  • Supports stability improvements.

What is the difference that will be seen?

Users will now be directed to a new Manage Inventory landing page. Users will be able to start selecting a product immediately to update inventory quantities without needing to navigate to a new page.


NOTE: If users have been using BC Connect for inventory management, all settings will be carried over to the new page.

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