Synchronize Projects or Files Between BC Calc Offline and BC Calc Online

BC Calc® software projects and/or files may be synchronized between your offline and online accounts. This tool is built into offline mode only. Synchronization may be in either direction. If a project folder does not exist yet it will be created in the destination application. Use caution, as existing files will be overwritten without warning.

One limitation is that files stored on your computer (offline mode) must be stored here.
Default Location:


Project folders will be populated in that location when syncing happens from online to offline. Any files on your desktop that you want synced to need to be placed in a folder in the default location.

Syncing an Analysis From Offline to Online (

You must have an existing account for and a working install of the offline mode.

Launch BC Calc® offline http://bccalcoffline:88/

1. Click the menu item Offline Mode > Synchronize Analysis Files.


2. If you have not logged into for this browser session, you will need to type in your user name and password. Click Login.


3. To sync from offline to online, select files or folders on the left. 

4. Then click Sync Files at the bottom right of the screen.


5. Note that you can select individual files to sync, or an entire folder. You can also sync the entire list, but use caution as there is no warning about overwriting existing files.

6. If the folders do not exist in the online list, they will be created along with the analysis files. Click OK when complete


7. The folder(s) and file(s) are now synced to online BC Calc. Note the filter and refresh icons on both sides.


Syncing an Analysis From Online ( to Offline

1. This process is performed using the same BC Calc offline version.

2. The steps are the same as above, except you will select folders or files on the right side of the screen. Note the filter and refresh icons on the left and right side.

3.  Select what you need to sync and click Sync Files. Note: there is no warning about overwriting existing files.


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