BC Framer General Release 📺 4/10/2019

BC Framer® Software Release Highlights

New Features

  • Blocking
    -Rounding Values
    -Length Tolerance
  • Import PDFs in Layout Sheets
  • New Boise Cascade Products 
  • Updated Rectangular Hole Shear Capacities for BCI’s


  • BC Connect® Software - Reduced Lag time when accessing the Builder and Project details

Bug Fixes

  • Version 8.2.4 introduced an issue that prevents opening files originated in older versions
    * NOTE:
    * This fix requires install of Update 2 or above
    * If you are remaining on version 8.2.4, this bug is addressed with 8.2.4 Update 6
  • Version 8.2.4 introduced a group label (joists and hangers) bug – if group labels are already created then an edit (eg cutting joist), the group labels are not updating. Work-around is to simply un-group, then re-group.
    * NOTE:
    * This fix requires install of Update 7 - fix applies to joists only, hanger labels still to be resolved.


General Release Webinar - Recorded 4.10.2019

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