BC Framer® General Release-Feb, 11th 2020

Release Date: February, 11th 2020

Release Highlights

Post In Wall 📺
Fuzzy Search 📺
Rounded Rectangle 📺
Draft Mode 📺

**NOTE FOR UPDATING EXISTING INSTALLS: Direct upgrade supported from version 8.2.0 and newer.**

Notable Improvements & Bug Fixes 

Group Label for Hangers Not Updating

  • If connectors had been group labeled, they were not refreshing upon edit.

Ridge Straps Not Visible on Angled Rafters

  • Rafters at a 45 degree angle in plan view did not display the ridge straps – they did exist but were not visible.

Floor Joist Labeling Scheme with Ply Added Lists All Single Ply Joists with a "-1" (Fixed)


Post Defaults

  • The Boise West building style, post scheme pointed to Boise East instead of Boise West. 

CAD Objects Input Line Shortcut Missing

  • The CAD Objects Input Line shortcut was missing but restored in 833.

Database Product ID’s

  • Boise products had different Material ID’s in Structure vs. BC Framer®. This was only an issue when opening a model in BC Framer® that originated in Structure and vice versa. Boise Product ID's now match in both platforms.

Rounded Rectangle:

  • Maximum width is 22” for rounded rectangular.
  • The design engine now analyzes the shape correctly.

Floor Member Depth Did Not Update with Floor Container Scheme Changes at Job Properties


Mirroring Floor Container Caused BC Framer® / Structure to Crash


BC Connect® XML Output Corrections:

  • When a ledger was attached to a beam, BC Connect® XML included the beam twice.
  • Quantity of fascia material in BC Connect® XML material list was incorrect.

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