How to add missing products to BC Framer though MiTek Materials

If a product isn't shown as a material list option in BC Framer® software, it may need to be enabled and added to an Active Material List in MiTek Materials.

Enabling Product in MiTek Materials

Product needs to be enabled in Item Master section of MiTek Materials before it will show up and can be added to Material List, Active Materials list(s).

1. Navigate to the Setup menu and select MiTek Materials (File > Setup > MiTek Materials).

2. (1) Select Item Master under Material Management in the left navigation column. (2) Change the Material Category to the appropriate category. (3) Confirm that the Product to be added to material lists have check marks.


Filters - Item master has filter options for all columns to make finding the correct product easier. Select from the filter mceclip0.png icon check boxes, or use the first empty row for searching.
Multi-Select - Using the Ctrl and or Shift keys, select multiple products before enabling them. Clicking one check box will select all of the highlighted items.

 NOTE: Remember to Save (upper left hand corner) before navigating away, there will be a prompt if not.

Add Product to an Active Material List

1. (1) Select Material List under Material Management in the left navigation column. (2) Find the material list category to modify under Application Categories. (3) From Material Categories choose a category that includes the product to be added. (4) Select the material to be added from the Available Materials. (5) Click the right-facing arrow to move selected product to the Active Materials.

NOTE: Material lists for product applications (Cantilever, Parallel and/or Non-Parallel Closure) are each handled separately, so any type of rim would have to be added to it's respective list when adding Rim to active lists.

Save and Close MiTek Materials, there will be a prompt to save if not.

Restart BC Framer. After the restart, the new products should appear in the Material List.

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