What can I try when BC Calc Offline Mode won't start?

In some cases, after a Windows update or after installing the BC Calc® software Offline Mode, the application may not start up as expected. 

Uninstalling and reinstalling Offline mode can help but it might not be necessary and can result in lost User Data. (All installs should start by unblocking the file and then running as an administrator.)

A couple things you can try;

- Hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard then tap the F5 key once to 'hard refresh' the page. F5 will refresh a page but holding down the Ctrl key will tell the browser to re-download the page instead of loading it from cache.

- Try accessing the application directly instead of by name. Click here or copy/paste this into your web browser:

*NOTE: If this helps, please contact support at ewpsupport@bc.com or call 800-405-5969 as additional steps may be required.

- Check the application pool and recycle if it's already running. As a last resort, before uninstalling the application, try recycling the application pool in IIS following these steps:

Recycling an Application Pool

  1. Open the IIS management console
    1. From the Start menu, click Run or use the search option.
    2. Type "IIS" or "inetmgr", then press ENTER.
  2. In the IIS management console, select Application Pools under your Connections > Computer Name / User
  3. Select the BC Calc Offline application pool(s).
  4. Under the Application Pool Tasks section, click Recycle...

What if a Recycle isn't an option?

It's also possible that one or both of the application pools are stopped, in which case follow the same steps as above, only click Start instead of Recycle.

Typically after (re)starting the app pool the application will run.

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