BC Framer is Not Assigning Simpson Hangers (v.8.5.2 and older) Upgrade to Latest Version

BC Framer® software versions 8.5.2 and older use a Simpson hanger DLL file that expires on 8/1/2023. If you are unable to upgrade the software, BC Framer will continue to function and design Boise EWP members. However the Connector Design will not find solutions for Simpson (SST) hangers.

To resolve this issue with Simpson hangers, we recommend that you upgrade to a current version. The latest version is (As of April 2023)

If you are unable to upgrade to the latest version, contact EWP Support and we can assist you with possible alternatives.

Simpson DLL for version 8.5.3 through 8.7.1 is good until 8/1/2024.

See also: Latest BC Framer® Updates for Current Versions

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