Configuring BC Framer® / Sapphire Structure® and Windows With Large 4K Monitors

Some dialogs that are affected:
- Hatching
- Generate layout sheets
- Advanced material
- Justification
- Floor Performance
- Generate Group Labels

Suggestions to resolve this:

  • Change the Resolution. 1920 x 1080 seems to be working for me but I have seen that a resolution closer to 2000 dpi (around 2560 dpi tends to be an acceptable resolution) might be best.
  • Revert the text size setting in Windows:
    - In the Start menu search or in the Cortana taskbar search, type display (or display settings). Windows 10 users may also right-click the desktop and choose Display Settings.
    - Move the slider to 100% or select "Smaller - 100%" and click Apply.
    - Log out and log in to Windows or reboot the computer.
  • Modify DPI scaling for Framer / Structure [New Windows 10]:
    -Right-click the UI.exe in the program install folder and choose Properties.
    -On the Compatibility tab, select "Change high DPI settings"
    -Check the box to "Override high DPI scaling behavior, Scaling performed by:
    -Choose "System (Enhanced) 
    -Click OK, and click OK again.
    -Relaunch the application to see the result.

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