Adding BC FloorValue® Icons to the MiTek Structure Ribbon

BC FloorValue® is a new way to identify and remedy floor problems in the design process. If you have the Boise design license turned on, it should be available to you. If the icons are not available we will need to contact MiTek on your behalf and request access.

For more information click here to open the BC FloorValue® web page. 


If this tool is not available on a ribbon in Sapphire Structure or Sapphire Supply, follow these steps to add it. (Tip: Click in the "Search Ribbon" box and type "BC FLoor" to search existing ribbons.)

  1. Verify that you have "Boise - Design" and "Boise - Inclusion" in your license under Materials. Click File > Setup > Software Activation.
  2. If these options are not visible, contact your MiTek technical representative and request that they be added to your license.
  3. To add the BC FloorValue® tools to your ribbon, click File > Setup > Customize Ribbons.
  4. The left column has the list of all available commands. Filter Command View by "All Commands" and locate the Engineering folder. Or search "BC Floor" to locate the tools.  Create a new folder in the tab by right clicking an existing folder under the tab name. Select "New Group" and then name it BC FloorValue®.
  5. The center column shows your current ribbon settings. Drag and drop the BC FloorValue® tools to your desired ribbon into a new or existing folder.
  6. You can also add the tools to the Tool Palette or the Quick Access ribbon using the same drag and drop method.
  7. Turn on the Visibility switch setting to view the heat map.
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