Error Saving Changes in Sapphire Materials "At Least One Material is Required for Each of the Listed Application Categories"

If you see this screen when trying to save a change in (Sapphire) MiTek Materials, you will not be able to make any changes until this issue is resolved. Unfortunately any changes that you have already made will have to be redone.  


This error is caused by MiTek Materials not finding any product for shear panels. Even if you use BC Framer® software rather than Sapphire Structure and don't use Shear Panels, MiTek Materials requires that this material list include at least one product.

  1. Click OK to close the error.
  2. Click on Item Master in the upper left column.
  3. Click Yes out of the first box

  4. Click OK on the second box.

  5. Select Shear Panel in the Material category drop down.
  6. Put a check box next to one of the shear panel materials. (If you use BC Framer then it doesn't matter which one.)

  7.  Click the save button. You will get this error window below but click OK and then go to on Material List again.

  8. In Material List, look under Application categories and expand out Wall Members, then each of the sub schemes, so that you can see Shear Panel/Brace Frame. They will probably be highlighted in yellow.
  9. Select the Shear Panel/Brace Frame of the first Wall Members scheme.
  10. Look under Available Material. The Shear Panel material added in Item Master should be there. Select that material and click the ">" button to add it to Active Material.
  11. Click Save.
  12. If you encounter the same error, repeat the process for each of the of the schemes with Shear Panel/Brace Frame under Wall Members.
  13. Click Save. You should now be able to make and save other changes to MiTek Materials.
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