Manually Input Accessory for Floor Containers no Longer Matches the Joist Material after upgrade to 8.2.2.

[This is fixed in version 8.2.3]

The reason that the Blocking no longer matches the joist material is because the <system> scheme was inadvertently changed in 8.2.2 so that Accessory Type was set "Blocking" instead of "Match Joist Material".


To correct this for an individual accessory entry just change the accessory type in Properties.

To correct this setting on a current job:

  1. Choose File > Setup > Job Properties                                                   

  2. Then go to each level that you wish to change. Navigate to Floor > Manually Input Accessories: Accessory Type. Change to "Match Joist Material" for each level of the drawing.

To correct settings for all Future jobs:

  1. Go to File > Setup > Manage Job Defaults:

  2. In Manage Job Defaults, go to Schemes > Level Settings > Floor > Manually Input Accessories: <System>.
  3. Change the Accessory Type to "Match Material Joist" then click OK.2018-08-29_14-24-30.gif
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