Resetting the (original) Microsoft Edge Preference to 'Stay Signed In' for BC Connect® (

This article covers the process involved with resetting the 'Stay signed in' browser preference for BC Connect® ( in Microsoft Edge.

These steps will reset a user’s preference for whether all sites remember them or not. Upon next login to, a user will be asked if they would like to stay signed in or not.

This mainly removes Cookies while leaving browser history and saved passwords intact. These steps will minimize the changes to your browsing history only changing what is necessary.

What’s a Cookie? Cookies are files containing info that web sites store on your PC to remember your preferences, such as sign-in or your location.


Microsoft Edge 

Click the sideways three dots and navigate to Settings




Under Clear browsing data click the Choose what to clear button.




Place a check next to Cookies and saved website data, then click Clear




Upon next log in, just after providing the password a user should see this:




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