The Remote Designer Role

The Remote Designer role was created to fit specific needs of our clients. This is for contract designers doing work for your organization. The Remote Designer can be invited to work in specific projects for a location while all other projects remain invisible to this user.

     To learn how to invite a Remote Designer to a Project view this article:

                       How do I invite a Remote Designer to a Project?

The Remote Designer will have many of the same privileges as the Designer role but only for their specific projects. However some functionality is intentionally limited. For example a Remote Designer can view the Projects tab but cannot edit any of the fields.

Logged in as a Remote Designer - all Project fields can be viewed but not edited.

While a user with a Designer role can both view and edit the Projects fields.

Remote Designers can View but not Edit the following items

    Builder, Project & Contact Information

    Project Preferences

    Operations Tickets

Remote Designers cannot create the following items

     New Projects, Builders, Contacts, Operations Tickets, Price Management Exports

     Project Sub-folders

Remote Designers can do the following

     Upload and download attachments

     Create Manual Material Lists

     Import Material Lists

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