Where Does BC Calc® Web Store Auto-Save Files?

Please note that this feature is not working as expected and we will update the article when it has been fixed. Save files!  Don't leave browser open with BC Calc files for long periods of time.

In BC Calc® Web Analysis Settings you have the option to enable Auto-Save. As described, this will automatically save a copy of the current analysis to your local machine at a specified time interval.  The interval can be set to 5, 10 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

Auto-Save doesn’t save an actual file. Browser security provisions prevent a browser from saving anything to the local machine. A user initiated download is the only file interaction allowed. The auto-save that we provide saves the current session data to the browser’s local cache. If you close the browser it typically clears the cache - depending on your browser settings.

This feature is really only effective within the current use of the site to prevent data loss from accidental tab closing, loss of connectivity, or other accidental losses of data. Beyond this session the data is unlikely to be retained and may have been overwritten by a newer session.

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