How do I show only parts of two different floors in a single Layout Viewport?

What do you do when you need to show only parts of two different floors in a single Layout Viewport?

The two Viewports shown below have some of the support walls on the left side, and a roof section on the right side. 

Here are the 3D Views for the Roof, 2nd Floor, and then both levels combined. Note the 2nd floor balloon framed wall in the near corner that supports the roof. The only way to show the full roof support using visibility level settings is to show both levels at once. However, this sometimes shows too much detail, and the floor below interferes with seeing the roof above.

To accomplish this, we need to create a new Layer.

  1. Expand the Layer item in the Job Tree.
  2. Right-click and choose New Layer.
  3. Rename the layer with a descriptive name (Roof Support).

Select the model entities you wish to "Assign To Layer(s)". Here we have selected the 2nd floor balloon framed wall which supports the roof.


Here we are selecting and assigning the Roof to this layer.

Now you can display these specific parts of the drawing by combining the Levels and Layers settings. Here is a Viewport showing the roof and also the 2nd floor support.

Use the same switches in 3D to display the model as precisely as possible.

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