How do Floor Mods work?

The Floor Mod is a simple way to modify a floor container.

Use the Floor Mods tool to add a Box or angled Bay to a floor container:

  1. Click the Floor Mods mceclip0.png icon in the Floor ribbon tab, under Input and Edit Floor Members.


  2. Edit the Floor Mod Properties before or after clicking to choose a location.

    Note: The Floor Mod sticks to the mouse. You may change the insertion point by right-clicking. You may also modify the placement using the Shift+Click to input an offset.

  3. Choose the type of Mod from the property grid: "Bay" or "Box".
  4. Edit the other geometry of the Mod as needed.
  5. You may also choose to invert the Floor Mod - that is extending outside the existing floor container, or recessing inside it.

    Inverted Floor Mod.
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