Cantilever Limits (General note)

In general, BC Framer® software and BC Calc® software will not accept cantilever lengths that exceed 1/3 of the total back-span length for all joists and beams.


In addition, the following limits apply:
BCI 4500s 3' 0"
BCI 5000, 5000s 3' 6"
BCI 6000, 6000s, 6500, 6500s, AJS 4' 0"

The limit may be over-ridden but the designer will be responsible for verifying that the members with long cantilevers are properly designed and braced. 

How can I design longer cantilevers in BC Calc web?

BC Framer / MiTek STRUCTURE will not design cantilever member beyond 1/3 back-span.

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