How do I add a User Defined Material (UDM) into a project? The UDM isn't shown in my consider list.

This will assist you in adding user defined material to your BC Framer® consider lists. (It will not control what materials are shown on Layout Material Lists or Output Material List reports.)

These steps assume you have already created a User Defined Material (UDM).  After the UDM has been created, it must be added to a consider list. By default it should already be checked "On" in Item Master in Sapphire Materials.

  1. Click File > Setup > Sapphire Materials


  2. Select Material List  under the Material Management column on the left. 
  3. On the Material List page choose the correct Application Category, then the correct material list and sub category.
  4. Select the correct "User Defined" category under Material Categories.
  5. Select the desired product in Available Material and move to the Active Material column using the arrow button [>].


  6. Save your changes and close Sapphire Materials
  7. Your UDM should be available in the consider list, but if not, restart BC Framer® and check again.


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