How to Export an XML from BC Framer to Import Into BC Connect

BC Framer® software materials lists can be exported directly to a format that BC Connect® software understands, called XML (Extensible Markup Language). This article will cover the basic steps of exporting XML from your model, then importing the file as a material list:

1. Navigate to the Output ribbon and from the Output drop-down button, select BC CONNECT® XML.


2. Choose the levels that need to be included in the export.


3. From the Save As dialogue, choose a location and name the file before clicking Save.


4. Log into BC Connect and from the App Chooser, select Design.


5. From the Material List drop-down, choose “Import Material List”.


6. (1) Select or add (use the + symbol) a Builder from the drop-down. (2) Select or add a Project from the drop-down. (3) Select BC FRAMER XML File from the File Source drop-down. (4) Click Choose File.


7. Browse to the XML file that was exported from BC Framer®, select it and click Open


8. Finally, click Import.

After processing the application will generate a material list.

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