How to Export an XML from BC Framer to Import Into BC Connect

BC Framer® software materials lists can be exported directly to a format that BC Connect® software understands, called XML (Extensible Markup Language). This article will cover the basic steps of exporting XML from your model, then importing the file as a material list:

1. Navigate to the Output ribbon and from the Output drop-down button, select BC CONNECT® XML.
(Note: If the file includes Options the system will generate an error here. You will need to solve site specific before exporting the XML.)


2. Choose the levels that need to be included in the export.


3. From the Save As dialogue, choose a location and name the file before clicking Save.


4. Log into BC Connect and from the App Chooser, select Design.


5. From the Material List drop-down, choose “Import Material List”.


6. (1) Select or add (use the + symbol) a Builder from the drop-down. (2) Select or add a Project from the drop-down. (3) Select BC FRAMER XML File from the File Source drop-down. (4) Click Choose File.


7. Browse to the XML file that was exported from BC Framer®, select it and click Open


8. Finally, click Import.

After processing the application will generate a material list.

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