Can I save BC Calc® (*.bccx) files to my computer or network drive?

Yes! Files may now be saved to the cloud or local drive, and opened from the cloud or local drive. 

Save Files to the Cloud or Local Drive:


Open Files from the Cloud or Local Drive:


These new tools make it easier to save and share files, but files can be managed as previously using the Manage Projects tool.

A BC Calc® analysis (*.bccx) file can be downloaded (and shared) if a local copy of the file is required. 

To download a bccx file for local/network storage, or to share:

 1. Click Project > Manage Projects.


2. Select the Project Name from the left navigation.

3. Click the download icon mceclip5.png at the far right, or the email icon mceclip4.png to send a link.


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