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Working with will require saving your work to 'the Cloud', meaning the files are stored online, and not to your local computer's hard drive. This article will describe the Manage Projects screens and touch on the functionality available for project organization and file management.

Saving an Analysis
Adding Project Information
Opening an Existing Analysis
The Manage Projects Screen

Saving an Analysis

The first step in saving an analysis file is to choose a project folder. It's recommended that a user Save as a first step, to create the project location, file name and enter some project details (Project Information).

If the project folder has not yet been created, this is the time:

1. Click the Save mceclip10.png icon to see the project folders available and to add a new one.

2. Select the folder to be saved under, which may be the top level, My Projects. (Note that you cannot save to the "My Projects" folder directly, but must create a sub folder as shown below.)



3. (1) Select the New Folder mceclip3.png icon, (2) name the new project folder, (3) click Save.



4. (1) Select the new folder, (2) Enter an Analysis Name, (3) click Save.


NOTE: Once a file has been named (saved), the name of the file and containing folder will be displayed at the top of the screen.

Subsequent saves can be completed from the same Save mceclip11.png icon but will not require more than a single click.


Save your work regularly and if leaving the computer for an extended period of time, save and close out of the application to prevent lost work.

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Adding Project Information

Every Analysis stores its own specific Project Information. Once an Analysis has been created (saved), a good next step would be to add some basic information about the project, which will be shown at the top of every report generated from the file.

1. Navigate to the Analysis Summary; if the furthest folder icon on the left has an up arrow mceclip13.png, use this icon to Return to Analysis Summary.


NOTE: If there's a standard folder mceclip17.png (Open Analysis) icon, you're already at the summary page.

2. From the Analysis Summary, click on the Project Information mceclip15.png icon.

3. Enter the Project information details and click Save.


Note: Project Information will show in the header for every report.


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Opening an Existing Analysis

Once an Analysis has been saved, it's easy to open the file, to continue working or make changes.

1. There are two ways to open an analysis and depending upon the screen, the process can vary. However, both options lead to the same Open Analysis dialogue.

Option A
The Open mceclip21.png icon - From the Analysis Summary screen there is a quick and handy open link.


Option B
Project drop-down menu - Projects > Open Analysis. From any screen there will be a Project drop-down menu with options for: New Analysis, Open Analysis, Save, Save As and Manage Projects.


2. Select the Project Folder, select the Analysis Name, click Open.


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The Manage Projects Screen

The Manage Projects screen allows control over the folder structure and organization of the cloud storage account. From Manage Projects, analysis (.bccx) files can also be downloaded or shared.

Managing Folders

To access the Manage Projects screen, navigate to Project > Manage Projects.

Right-click on a folder for:


  • New Project - Create a new, nested Project Folder in the current (right-clicked) folder.
  • Expand/Collapse - Expand or Collapse nested folders.
  • Move To - Move a folder to a different level or folder.
  • Copy - Create an exact copy of the folder and it's contents, with a number appended to the name(1).
  • Copy to - Send a Copy to another level or folder.
  • Rename - Edit the name of the Project Folder.
  • Delete - WARNING: this will delete the Project Folder and all of it's contents.

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Managing Files

To access the Manage Projects screen, navigate to Project > Manage Projects.

Right-click on a Analysis Name for:


  • Edit - Edit the analysis file.
  • Move To - Move the analysis to another Project Folder.
  • Copy - Create a copy in the same location, with a number appended to the name(1).
  • Copy to - Copy the analysis to another Project Folder.
  • Rename - Edit the Analysis Name.
  • Delete - WARNING: This will permanently remove the folder and all contents.

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Downloading and Sharing Files

To access the Manage Projects screen, navigate to Project > Manage Projects.

Select a Project and notice, to the right of any analysis, there are three icons:


mceclip3.png Email - Generate an email with links to open in BC Calc® software or download, using the default mail client.

mceclip5.png Delete - Delete the analysis file. WARNING: This will permanently remove the file.

mceclip6.png Download - Download a copy of the analysis (.bccx) file.

More about Project and File sharing can be found here.

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