BC Framer Report Viewer Crashing on Producing Material List. Incident Report: System.Windows.Media.Composition.DUCE.Channel.SyncFlush.

A recognized issue with BC Framer® software involves a crash that can typically be resolved by disabling hardware graphics acceleration in the Report Viewer.

The Report Viewer defaults to hardware graphics rendering, which heavily utilizes the graphics card. However, there is an option to switch to less demanding software rendering. Often, the performance difference is minimal and may not be perceptible.

  1. Launch BC Framer.
  2. Click the Output ribbon and the Reports tool. Click Options:

  3. To turn off hardware graphics acceleration for a single user go to the General page of the Reports Viewer Options dialog box:

  4. Check the box, as shown, under System options next to: "Turn off hardware graphics acceleration" on any PC the user logs into.
  5. Click OK, close the report viewer and restart BC Framer. The report should print without crashing.

Note:  The rest of the instructions may be helpful if others log into the same PC with different credentials.

  1. To Turn off hardware graphics acceleration for all users of the database go to the Configure System page of the Reports Designer Options dialog box:

  2. Select Configure system to open the Configure System dialog box:

  3. Check the box as shown to Turn off hardware graphics acceleration for all users of the database.  When unchecked, hardware acceleration will be controlled by the Reports Viewer configuration option described above. If the Turn off hardware graphics acceleration is selected in the Configure System dialog box the Reports Viewer option will be ignored.
    Note: these options will only take effect when the Viewer (or the application hosting the Viewer) is restarted.  If the PC is only used by a single user, then the first option would be the best one (otherwise any slowdown will be introduced for all users unnecessarily).
    If turning off the hardware graphics acceleration does not fix the issue something else is crashing the WPF rendering thread (this is part of Windows and is happening way below the MiTek code).
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