How can I design longer cantilevers in BC Calc web?

How can I design longer cantilevers in BC Calc® software?
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The design of cantilevers longer than the material defaults and / or in excess of the 1/3 of back-span rule must be evaluated by the design professional of record. Design professional of record must address any uplift at supports.
It will be your responsibility to verify that members with long cantilevers are properly designed and braced.
There is an absolute cantilever limit of 1/2 of the span.

This cantilever limitation may be overridden by changing Advanced Analysis Settings.
From your design, click on the gear icon - Analysis Settings.

Then click the Advanced tab and check the box to Override the Cantilever Length Limit:

Click Save in the bottom right corner of the Analysis Settings box. This is a per-project setting that cannot be set as a global default.

See also:  Cantilever Limits (General note)

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