Extracting a trace object (.dwg) from one BC Framer (.mmdl) file for use elsewhere.

There may be times when an imported trace object from a BC Framer® software file would be useful in a different file. If you do not have the original trace object, you won't be able to copy the object in your model. DWG Trace Objects do not have the option for Copy / Paste when right-clicked.


These steps will produce a usable copy of the DWG for future imports:

1. From the Visibility Switches, turn all objects other than CAD Objects > Trace Object Line to "OFF" (unchecked).


2. Navigate to File > Save As: Save View As...


3. From the Save As dialog box, name the file and be sure that the Save as type is set to Autodesk RealDWG (*dwg), then click Save.


NOTE: The newly exported DWG may be imported as a trace object into any new or existing BC Framer® file.

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