My Boise Design Reports don't display the left and right ends the way MiTek Structure does. Not considering holes when labeling.

Since BC Framer® software version 7.5.0, labels are required to consider holes, and the reference ends are forced to conform to the BC Connect® software (bottom/left) format. This generates a warning about resetting ends and labels when opening MiTek Structure files in BC Framer.

While BC Framer doesn't allow this, MiTek Structure does and will cause trouble for a saw location. There is an option available in Structure for you to choose whether or not you want to reset reference ends. Resetting ends and labels was not desirable for most Structure users because it changed some labels and forced them to redesign hangers. However, it is required for integration with BC Connect.

Here are the steps you need to take for existing and new files.

  1. Take a look at your Structure > File > Setup > Program Settings > General > Auto Preferences > Auto-Adjust Ends of Linear Framing. Change this value to Yes. This will affect new and edited members ONLY. (You should set the Consolidate Labels to "Yes". This will consolidate labels automatically.)
  2. After making the previous change, for existing files you will also have to go to the Analysis and Design and click Reset Analysis Model.
  3. Change the Label Consolidation to include "Include Holes in Consolidation".
  4. You may need to reset labels after this change.

These steps will force the ends and labeling in Structure to match the ends in BC Connect (and the Boise Design report), for existing and new files.
For future jobs you will need to change the Manage Job Defaults for label consolidation.

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