Unable to launch BC Framer: "Your Primary SQL Server Database is not available."

If BC Framer® software shows an error and won't launch, it may be that the database service has not started properly. The warning may show, "Cannot connect to the primary database." Click "No" on the warning and start the service manually as explained here.

  1. Click the Windows / Start button and type in services.msc into the Search box. Press Enter.
  2. Services should launch.
  3. Wait for the list to populate.
  4. Find the service in the list named: SQL Server (BCFRAMER) - (instead of BCFRAMER, it may read SQLEXPRESS or MITEK.)mceclip2.png
  5. If the service is already started, call EWP Software Support.
  6. If not, click Start to start the service.
  7. If you don't see options to start the service you will need to close Services. Try again but this time "Run as administrator".  
  8. The service should start. If it does, close Services and launch BC Framer.
  9. Another option is to restart your Windows PC and this may restart the service automatically.

If the service fails to start, call EWP Support.

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