How do I convert Legacy BC Framer 3.0 files into the IV file format for BC Framer 8 import? (*.BCF to *.IV)

Legacy BC Framer® software 3.0 files must be converted to the *.IV file format before opening in BC Framer 8.

This may be accomplished by using a small utility that will work without installing or running BC Framer 3.0.

Here is a link to instructions in a PDF document, and a link in the document to download and install the utility.

Open the document and follow the instructions.

Once the (*.IV) file is extracted, launch the new BC Framer and choose the File > Open tool. Change the filter to find BC FRAMER® IV (*.iv) files.


Give the new file a name and save location.

Choose a Template. The template must have the same number of levels (or more) as the old file.

Drag and drop the old levels to match levels in the new file. Click OK.


Differences in programs will invalidate the design. Expect interference and grounding errors. 

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