BC Framer® Material Report Incorrectly Shows 60 Ft. Lengths.

Rounding is set in Job Properties > Job Settings > Output > Material Routines > Material Length Rounding. If your material is incorrectly rounding to 60 feet, it could be that the Sapphire Materials > Material Costing contains a specified length. For example: 60 ft.

How do I correct the material rounding?

Edit Material lengths in Sapphire Materials. Click File > Setup > Sapphire Materials.


Choose: Material Costing > I-Shape EWP (or Rectangular EWP) Any length of 60 feet must be removed by highlighting the length and the clicking the delete button near the bottom.


Save and close Sapphire Materials. Restart BC FRAMER®. Refresh the material list, and the lengths round correctly.

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