Adding trapezoidal (tapered) load. BC Framer

Adding a trapezoidal load in BC Framer® software.

The start and end point of the magnitude is chosen during input. Create an area load and change the property "Trapezoidal Load" from "No" to "Yes".

Edit the start and end magnitudes as needed. (The size of the arrow suggests the magnitude of the load shown in 3D.)
Add your trapezoidal area load by clicking points on the floor container or roof plane. Click the letter "C" to close.

The program asks you to pick the start point. - Click a point to define the start...

Then the program asks for the ending point. - Click a point to define the end...

Notice the end point is about to be selected in this screen shot.

Once you have clicked the end point the area load will close you will see the arrow showing the direction of load from start to end.

Check your drawing in 3D and look for a smallest arrowhead which indicates the ending point of the load. (If you added at least a 1 lb. load. Otherwise it will not show an arrow at all.)

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