Wind loads on a beam sent from BC Framer® to BC Calc® are not editable.

Not being able to edit the wind loads when a member is sent from BC Framer® to BC Calc® is expected. 

BC Framer® calculates wind and snow loads per the selected building code based on the user’s settings.  Those loads include unbalanced snow loading and wind blowing from different directions and you’ll find a note for each in the Notes section of the report explaining that they were based on the building geometry.  They are not displayed in the user interface or editable because they’re system generated and require knowledge of the structure geometry and the load calculation methods from the code.  In BC Framer® the member report does not show them unless you select the all loads option in the print dialog.  BC Calc® doesn’t have a toggle to display the simple or all loads views yet, so all loads are shown.
The workaround on the web is to reduce the member length to something shorter than the location of the load.  If all system loads are point loads at 8', then change the span to 7’ and click ok.  You’ll have invalid load location errors for any of the standard loads that were impacted, but you can ignore them.  Then change the span back to the original length and now only the standard loads are shown.

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