How do I update multiple databases to the latest BC Framer update?

BC Framer® software can be used to access different databases. This is useful for designers drawing for two or more separate companies where adding differing templates and building styles is not enough. In the past this has complicated the upgrade and update process, but now the MiTek® DataManager tool can make this an easy task. The process is the same for both major upgrades and minor updates.

To illustrate this, we start with a BC Framer version 8.3.1 with three databases. Upgrading the program to version 8.4.0 successfully upgrades the active database to this version, but the other two are not upgraded. 

Launch DataManager. Each database should have its own Database Profile.


  1. Check all the boxes under Database Profiles.
  2. Click View Details.
  3. Notice that the active database (sqlProfile1) shows version 8.4.0 but the other two are still 8.3.1.

To update additional databases, select the database in the list and then click the Upgrade button at the bottom of the window. There will be several warnings and progress bars. 


When complete, the database will show the correct version and may be set for use in Configuration Editor. 


Follow the same steps for any additional databases.

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