Can we open up desktop BC Calc files (*.bcc) in web BC Calc? Yes! Converted to BCCX format.

You will be able to open files created in the desktop version of BC Calc® software in the web based version.  The legacy *.BCC file format must be converted to *.BCCx file format.

Version as of 1/30/2019. Now includes solid sawn product selection for converted members.

Here is the download link to the new conversion utility and instructions to convert files to the new format. (This converter will not expire - there is no need to convert all your files at once.)

Download the file and right-click > Properties to unblock the file. Double-click the file after it is unblocked to launch the installer:

  1. Launch <<bccalcfileconverter.exe>> after it is downloaded to install the utility.
  2. After the install is complete, you may "Run BCCalc File Converter now" from the final install screen.
  3. To launch later, click the Windows Start button and look for "BCCalc File Converter".
  4. Choose between US and Canada locales.
  5. Browse to a folder to convert from BCC to BCCx format. (Limit the total number of files in all containing folders to 500 or less.)
  6. Check the "Convert Subfolder" check box to convert all subfolders. (500 files max.)
  7. Click Convert.
  8. The converter only converts one locale at a time so select the correct locale.  A warning message is displayed if the directory contains any files from a different locale than the one selected.
  9. Simply change the locale and run the converter again.
  10. It will overwrite any bccx files in the directory that have the same name without any confirmation prompt.
  11. The new BCCx file format can be opened in web offline mode or uploaded to

For help uploading to click here: Upload BC Calc Web files to Online Version (*.bccx)

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