Where does BC Framer store the backup file when using web BC Connect? (*.SAV)

Program Settings in BC Framer® software determines where the *.SAV file is stored. Program Settings > Save Preferences > Save Preferences: Auto Save > Local Only.


In most cases, this setting should be set to "Yes". This keeps the backup file in a standard location that's easier to find in the program install path. Typically here:
C:\Program Files\Boise Cascade BC FRAMER\Jobs\Autosave\ [CurrentUser]

If you are using the BC Connect® software integration, the path is a bit harder to locate:
C:\Program Files\Boise Cascade BC FRAMER\Programs\Boise\BC Connect\

Inside this "BC Connect" folder is the folder structure which matches the structure in BC Connect, starting with your location.
C:\Program Files\Boise Cascade BC FRAMER\Programs\Boise\BC Connect\ [Your Location] \ [Builder] \...etc. What makes this harder to locate is that the location, builder and project are converted to numbers.  So the easiest way to find the file is to use Windows search for any *.MMDL files.

This file is not removed when opening, saving, or when clicking "Yes" at the "delete local copy" message box.

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