Who do I contact for SawTek support?

For SawTek support:

Send email to SawSupport@bc.com to submit a ticket for support:
Describe the problem giving us as much information as possible.
Include your contact information including name and phone numbers.  A ticket will be issued and sent to the Boise SawTek team for response.

For SawTek software and hardware:
Allen Poovey - SawTek Customer Service
       Phone - (919) 612-9625
        Email:   AllenPoovey@bc.com 
Matt Brandt - SawTek Customer Service
       Phone - (678) 502-0481
        Email:   MattBrandt@BC.com 
Craig Elliott - SawTek Mechanical Support
       Phone - (208) 866-4418
        Email:   CraigElliott@BC.com 
Jordan Malone - Sawtek Control Systems Mgr
       Phone - 541-805-5850
       Email:    JordanMalone@BC.com

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