BC Framer / MiTek STRUCTURE will not design cantilever member beyond 1/3 back-span.

8.1.1 or Newer
Starting in BC Framer® software version 8.1.1 you may override the cantilever limitation in Job Properties. Click File > Setup > Job Properties.
Expand out the Job Settings > Design > General Preferences: General Preferences > Override Boise Cascade Cantilever Design Limitations. Change this from "No" to "Yes".

Note: This setting cannot be added to your template schemes. It must be set on a per job basis.

By entering this password most Boise rules on cantilever length limitations will be removed.

The following rule will remain in effect: Cantilever length must be less than 1/2 the member length.
The designer will be responsible for verifying that members with long cantilevers are properly designed and braced.


Cantilever Limits (General note)

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