Is there a "Copy" command in BC Calc to copy a member for the next design?

Members in BC Calc® software can be copied while in Edit mode or from the Analysis Summary page.

Copy in Edit Mode

If you want to copy a member you are currently editing, just choose a new member of the same type. For example you may want to copy a floor beam you are editing:

Click the "New Floor Beam" icon, and you can "Copy" based on the current member or "New" and create a new beam with default settings. To rename the member, return to the Analysis Summary.


Copy from Analysis Summary

To copy a member in the list on the Analysis Summary page, click the "Return to Analysis Summary" button.


The Analysis Summary page displays the list of all the members in the Analysis. 

On the Analysis Summary page, select the member you wish to copy (1) and Right click on it, then (2) select "Copy" from the menu.


An identical member will be created using the same geometry, span, product, but with a (1) at the end of the name.

 Select the member and right click to rename it.





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