How do I get the BC Framer® Viewer application?

BC Framer® Viewer

Available for immediate download, this application is designed to aid in managing your Legacy BC Framer® files.

BC Framer® Viewer will open, view, and print existing .bcf project files without the need to convert the files for use with the next generation BC Framer®. Utilizing a familiar interface, BC Framer® Viewer will grant access to all of the view tabs, reports, sheets, and accessories that are attached to the legacy file.

Install Notes:

BC Framer® Viewer will replace all IA 3.0 and older installs. BC Framer® Viewer will not install if the legacy BC Framer® application (Versions 2.0 or 3.0) are detected on the PC.

BC Framer® Viewer can be downloaded here:

The embedded password for the program has expired. Here is a new password for BC Framer® Viewer.


Expires December 31, 2030

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