Create parallel edge blocking automatically. (Diaphragm Blocking) ⭐

Use-caseA building plan may call for diaphragm blocking next to a parallel end wall.


Lateral blocking can be created automatically when a floor container is framed.

  1. Select a floor container.
  2. In the Container Properties grid, scroll down to Parallel Edge Blocking Accessory and select Blocking.
  3. Set the following as needed:
    • Spacing (OCS)
    • Minimum Distance From Edge
    • Match Joist Material as desired.
      • Yes - blocking matches Floor joist material.
      • No - User can set specific material to be used for the blocking.


If the floor container is already framed you can still change the floor container properties as needed and then click Generate Accessories on the Floor ribbon. If there are multiple floor containers or framing zones you may choose them individually or right click to select all. The parallel edge blocking will be added to your existing floor container.


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