Where does BC Framer Auto Save and how do I open the .sav file?

BC Framer® software has an Auto Save function that will save your work if the software sits idle for a predetermined amount of time. By default, Auto Save will be enabled and for any modified file left idle for 10 minutes, a .sav file will be created. After every additional 1 minute of inactivity the program will auto save again. The .sav file can be used in the event of a crash or system failure, in most cases allowing the user to restore to a recent copy of their work.

Depending upon your settings, .sav files are either created where the .mmdl file is saved, or they will be located in the BC Framer installation folder, under Jobs > Autosave  > [CURRENT USERNAME]
(Typically, C:\Program Files\Boise Cascade BC Framer\Jobs\Autosave\[CURRENT USERNAME]).

Windows will not have a designated program for opening a .sav file and double-clicking will not work. Here are the steps:

Opening a Backup File. (*.sav)

1. From within BC Framer, click File > Open.

2. At the lower right of the Open dialog box, change the file type to "MiTek Model Backup Jobs (*.sav)

3. Select the *.SAV file in the box above, and click "Open".


NOTE: This will immediately request a file name to save the file in the standard *.mmdl format and allow you to choose a location to save to.


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