How do we open backup BC Framer® files? *.SAV is the file extension, but double clicking the file doesn't open the application.

BC Framer® has an Auto Save function that will save a user's work if the software sits idle for a predetermined amount of time. By default, Auto Save will be enabled and for any modified file left idle for 10 minutes, a .sav file will be created. After every additional 1 minute of inactivity the program will auto save again. The .sav file can be used in the event of a crash or system failure, in most cases allowing the user to restore to a recent copy of their work.

Depending upon the user settings, .sav files are either created where the .mmdl file is saved, or they will be located in the BC Framer® installation folder, under Jobs > Autosave  > [CURRENT USERNAME]
(Typically, C:\Program Files\Boise Cascade BC Framer\Jobs\Autosave\[CURRENT USERNAME]).

Windows will not have a designated program for opening a .sav file and double-clicking will not work. Here are the steps:

Opening a Backup File. (*.sav)

1. From within BC Framer®, click File > Open.

2. At the lower right of the Open dialog box, change the file type to "MiTek Model Backup Jobs (*.sav)

3. Select the *.SAV file in the box above, and click "Open".


NOTE: This will immediately request a file name to save the file in the standard *.mmdl format and allow the user to choose a location to save to.


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