How do I filter items shown on the Boise Material Report?

The Boise Member Reports will show the same materials as the Layout Material List. To change which material is displayed, modify the output properties:

1. Navigate to File > Setup > Job Properties



2. From Job Properties: Job Settings > Output > Layout Material List



In this area, a designer can choose what materials to include by both Application and Material Type.

In this example, EWP beams will show up on the material list but Dimensional lumber beams will not.

  • Includes > Beams will already be set to "Yes"
  • In Material Type Inclusion set Dimensional Lumber to "No"  or "Varies" with Beams under Dimensional Lumber to "No"
  • In Material Type Inclusion set EWP to Yes"  or "Varies" with Beams under EWP set to "Yes"


Similar changes may be made in Manage Job Defaults.


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