Updated Quick Sizer 📺


0:00: Quick sizer tool.

0:03: The Quicks sizer tool has been updated to give the user more options in their design.

0:09: The quick sizer allows the user to design joists beams and headers.

0:15: Please note by accessing these public tools, you are accepting the end user license agreement that can be read by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

0:24: Selecting Joist will first take you to the project information page.

0:28: Once completed, you can push continue and it will automatically direct you to the joist quick sizer page here.

0:37: You can select whether you are doing a simple or multi span member.

0:41: You can select a predetermined joist span or enter in your own.

0:45: You can use decimals or foot inch 16th for your inputs.

0:50: Next, select your floor performance, verify or edit the load components selected here.

0:57: You can edit the load by entering exact values or select some from the drop down menu.

1:04: Then you can press run and complete a full review of all the products.

1:10: It is best to choose and narrow down the results by selecting the products that you most use or have in stock with the appropriate depths in case you need a reminder.

1:21: A help icon is available for more information on selecting products.

1:27: Please note the solutions provided indicate the shallowest depth per product series, the minimum number of plies required and the maximum O CS permitted deeper depths of the same product series and or more plies than shown and or narrower O CS may also be used.

1:46: You can now print or save the report using the beam sizer tool is similar to the JO design we just completed with minor changes.

2:00: For this member type.

2:01: You start with selecting the beam type.

2:03: You can choose one floor or two floors.

2:06: Next, you can verify or edit the load components selected.

2:10: You can add multiple spans here by clicking the plus sign and then add in your span's details, select or add in your house width, then press run, select your product and then press print to view and save your report.

2:37: The final quick sizer tool is the header sizer which is also similar.

2:42: It starts with the roof type.

2:43: We can design a header for a roof only or a header with both roof and floor load.

2:49: Then verify or edit the load components selected, enter your span, input then house with, then run, select your product and then press print to view and save your report.

3:06: Thanks again for watching and let us know if you have any additional questions.

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