Location Analysis 📺


0:00: Location analysis, localized analysis for members.

0:05: Users can get detailed design information at a specific location along the member.

0:10: Here is a multi span member with a couple of holes added in next go to the location analysis tab which is now located adjacent to the repairs tab.

0:20: Clicking on the location analysis tab, you will have the ability to add a location analysis.

0:26: Clicking add will bring up a pop up menu where you can add a description and then add the location.

0:33: You will notice a circle with a tag, one will be added to the member drawing.

0:37: This shows the location along the member where the analysis will be performed.

0:42: By default, no analysis will show up in the grid until you click the analyze button.

0:47: Running analysis will then populate data in the grid.

0:51: If no value exists, you will see a zero value with a N A for the load case.

0:56: Once you run the Boise member report, you will be able to see the location analysis symbol on the member and a location analysis summary on the report.

1:08: Thanks again for watching and let us know if you have any additional questions.

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