Connections Grid 📺


0:00: Connection grid updates, updated connection grid with added sorting capabilities.

0:06: Users now have new sorting and filter features for the connections grid.

0:11: Going to the connections grid.

0:13: You will see new sorting features as well as a filter for each column.

0:18: You can now sort each column and it will rank the values in alphabetical order for description or ascending order for the other columns.

0:26: It will also reverse the orders of both.

0:29: Additionally, it can filter by column type by entering different values into the fields that you would like to refine by.

0:35: You can use the fields visible in the grid or you can click the filter icon and enter the values there.

0:42: You can also change how the values are being filtered.

0:45: Filters consists of the following contains not contains equals, not equal, starts with and ends with.

0:54: Thanks again for watching and let us know if you have any additional questions.

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