User Defined Notes 📺


0:00: User defined notes, custom notes created by the users.

0:06: Users can now create combine and store custom notes for everyday use, opening any member page and then going to the notes tab will take you to the new notes feature where you can create customized notes and save them for future use.

0:22: Collapsing the system notes will show the user defined notes folder.

0:27: You can do this one of two ways you can select the arrow to collapse the folder or you can right click, access the context menu and select collapse all.

0:40: Adding a new note.

0:44: You can copy text and paste it into the box and push save as a save as dialog will pop up here.

0:51: You can place a title of the note on the top and then push save.

0:55: It will now appear under the user defined notes section next to the new note on the right pane, you will see three icons, a trash can, a pencil and a plus sign.

1:07: The trashcan will delete the note, the pencil icon will bring up a note editor in the right pane to edit the note, the plus sign will add it to the right pane this allows users to combine multiple notes.

1:20: You can repeat the save as process to get a new note.

1:24: If you would like to save the combined notes for future use, you can also add a new note by selecting the plus sign in the upper left hand corner.

1:34: This changes the text box to show a title and a text box on the left pane, you can type or paste content in the text box and then push save.

1:45: It will save in the right pane under user defined notes.

1:49: You can also in line edit the title by hovering over the title and selecting the pencil icon.

2:00: You can add folders by selecting the plus folder icon.

2:03: You can in line edit the title of the folder by hovering over the title.

2:07: You can also delete the folder by selecting the trashcan icon.

2:12: You can organize the notes into different folders by right, clicking on the note and select, move to or copy to copy two will create a copy in a different folder.

2:23: Move two will move that note from the current location to the new location.

2:32: The context menu or right click menu will also allow users to add a new note, add a new folder, rename or delete notes.

2:42: Users can also create a copy of the note in the existing folder by selecting copy.

2:48: Now, when you create a new analysis, all user defined notes that have been created will be stored on your account for future use.

2:58: Thanks again for watching and let us know if you have any additional questions.

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