BC Calc General Release - July 2024

Updates apply to www.bccalc.com as of: July 18th, 2024
BC Calc Offline Mode v.218
Note: This update will not be backwards compatible. Make sure to update offline mode to version v.218 to remain compatible with online Calc.

Release Highlights

New Features and Tech

User Defined Notes 📺

Create, combine and store custom notes for everyday use.

Hip/Valley 📺

Size multi-slope and multi-span hip and valley beams.

Updated Loads Grid 📺

  • Inline edit for loads, directly from the grid.
  • Loads grid can be sorted by column.

Updated Connections Grid 📺

Sort and filter features for the connections grid.

Responsive, Auto-Sizing Menu System 🎥

Additional view compatibility for top-level menus. Smaller screen sizes will access the menus via the new Hamburger Menu (three bars in the upper left).

New Location Analysis 📺

Get detailed design information at a specific location along the member.

Updated Quick Sizer 📺

The quick sizer tool has been updated. This simple tool provides quick sizing results for standard scenarios to give the user more options in their design.

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