Incident Report: Optiframe.Shared.ConnectorDesign..ctor

This is an incident report that started in BC Framer® software in version 872 and continues into version 880. Issue should be fixed in version 881.

Here are the first few lines of the error message:

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at Optiframe.Shared.ConnectorDesign..ctor(ConnectorDesign cd)
at Optiframe.Shared.ConnectorDesign.New_CostPrice(ConnectorDesign src, Decimal fCostPrice)
at Optiframe.ServiceManager.ConnectorGeomUtilities.SetCosts(Guid hangerId, ConnectorDesign& connectorDesign, IJobPortalEx jobPortal, HangerProperties Properties)

Note the reference to 'connector'. If the open model contains specific hangers. (Not sure exactly which model(s) are involved.

With an affected model open, opening and closing MiTek Materials will generate a crash and offer to send an incident report. Please go ahead and send the report. It will save the most current version of the file.

The saved file can be found here: C:\Users\CurrentUser\Documents\MiTek\x.x.x\Incident Reports. 

CurrentUser is the logged in computer user, and x.x.x is the installed version where the crash occurred. Find the MMDL file and remove the .cr from the end of the file name. Move the file to the desktop or another folder and you will be able to open the file and continue.

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