Comments and Annotations

Comments and Annotations are simple yet effective tools that can be used to convey a message or to add clarity for teammates and customers. There are some differences between the two tools that we will begin to outline here. 

One of the main differences between Comments and Annotation is that Comments do not show up on Layout Sheets where Annotations do. Comments are great for making notes that will stay internal or be shared with other users of BC Framer software. Annotations should be used for notes that need to be seen in layouts, plotted or in PDF format.



From the Drawing and Markup Ribbon, select Input Comment or Input Comment with Leader. 

If Input Comment, a tool tip will be displayed letting you know that where you click will place the Comment box. *NOTE: These can be moved and edited later. A leader can also be added using the right click menu. Comments can be shown or hidden with the Visibility Switch Markup > Comments.

If Input Comment with Leader, a tool tip will be displayed letting you know that where you click will place the leader start point. 

Once the leader start point is set a second prompt will display, "Click to place comment text". Drag the leader out to the desired length and click again to place the comment. 

Enter the comment text and format the text as desired. Font, Size, formatting and color can be adjusted. Text entered into the Comment field will be displayed in the final Comment.

Text entered into the Notes field will be tagged with a user name so other users of the software can view and enter notes amongst their design team.

Hovering over the Comment will display the notes that have been saved by the team.

The History section will track the various edit actions, which user made the edit to the Comment and when.



From the Drawing and Markup Ribbon, select Create Annotation.

Click and drag out the shape for the Annotation text block.

Configure the Properties grid for the Annotation and as desired. Text font, formatting and Layout, including the angle, boarder and margins of the Comment text box can all be adjusted. 

Add Leader and Edit Annotation can be found in the right-click menu.

If Add Leader is selected, left click to place the leader line and right click to end leader line placement.

Once a leader line is place, edit the leader line's end marker by selecting the leader line and adjusting the Properties grid.

Learn to add an annotation with an attribute.

Create a library of notes.

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